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name: Kimi
age: 28, but I NEVER act my age. :P
location: Arizona
school/job: Disabled
likes: Tom Hiddleston, anything Disney, anime, Pokemon gaming, trains, plushies, music, hoodies, mangoes, fairies, fairytales, princesses, cats, coke, coloring, kids cartoons...
dislikes: Loud noises, thunderstorms, unexpected touch, big dogs (sometimes), being judged, ignorance, politics, violence, horror movies.

Okay, so let's just cut to the chase. I'm actually a very nice person who gets along with anyone. Just as long as you are also nice. I'll add anyone and have no preference, especially not towards age, mental health/disability status, religion etc. My blog is mostly random, and I do fangirl at times. I often talk about my writing, my disabilities & experiences with them and my daily life as well. My blog is also new, so there isn't really a lot to see. It is friends only or access list only due to personal reasons.

Don't be afraid to add meh. :3 I love you all! <3
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