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basics ✔ im 31 years old/libra. born and raised in boston. no siblings, but i have a step brother and step sister from my step mom. i'm russian-jewish(mom) scottish&irish(dad). unemployed. happily taken.

likes ✔ bdsm. music. skulls. hello kitty. blogging. second life. gaming. shopping. starbucks. iced coffee. caffeine. polka dots. vintage clothes/purses. big sunglasses. betsy johnson. juicy couture. victoria secret. etc

dislikes ✔ drama. cheaters. seizures. medicine. migraines. my dad. my step mom. hospitals. liars. ex boyfriends. etc

what i write bout in my journal ✔ my medical life. my medicine issues. my relationships with my parents. daily life.

if you think we will get along then feel free to add me just comment here before doing so, thanks :D

I used to be ~Couturekisses.
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