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I have moved away from LJ and I'm looking for new friends on here.

Name: Christine
Age: 33
Location: NYC
Gender: Female

Describe yourself in five sentences (or bullet points) or less:
- I am an author and I write romance novels.
- I have lived in NYC all my life and I' a total city girl.
- After over 20 years I'm finally pursuing my dream of going into comedy and have taken my first improv class.
- I love to read.
- I have a bet dog named Breezy who's going to be 8 in June.

Top 5 Fandoms: Impractical Jokers, Outlander, New Kids on the Block, Gerard Butler, Phantom of the Opera

I mostly post about: Every day life, work, best friends, Impractical Jokers, comedy shows and surveys, Sal Vulcano

I rarely post about: Politics. I don't post about them at all.

My last three posts were about:
- Not liking this month cause Sal Vulcano didn't do any shows in the city for me to go to.
- Finishing writing a novel
- Getting a ticket to go see John Fugelsang do a standup comedy show

How often do you post? I try my best to post every day

How about commenting? I comment as long as I have something I can write on someone's entry. But I do comment on entries in return of those who comment on my entries.
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