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I used to be a dedicated person as far as posting but now I may go days without posting. I am trying to do much better though. I would like a bit more activity to read and comment when I am on DW so I thought I would look for people to add.

I use my DW account much of the time as a therapy session to vent and release stress but I am also love interacting with the people on my friends list. I have known some of them for years now and have become online friends with them. I cannot say I like one specific type of person. I like many different types from different backgrounds and with different beliefs. As long as you don't mind me posting my opinions on MY journal, I will never have a problem with you doing it on yours. :)

I like learning about various things but I don't really have an interest in anime but I don't mind if you do. I just mention that in case you would look for comments regarding that.

I do make some grammatical errors and spelling errors but I try not to. :)

Date: 2017-04-13 02:54 pm (UTC)
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Have added you! Looking forward to getting to know you!